lunch menu

lunch menu

today’s 500-yen lunch 500yen

Easy and hearty lunch devised by the chef every day]There is only one variety, but it changes every day, so I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of menu it is♪

700yen Lunch A/B/C 700yen
With all-you-can-drink

700 yen lunch comes with Fried Drink.
I’m full with one plate‼️There are three kinds, but the chef is inventing them every day, so I don’t know what kinds will come out… I’m excited♪

omelet rice 1,080yen
With all-you-can-drink

The demi-glace sauce, which has been boiled slowly, has a lot of meat in it and is full of filling.Surprised by the sauce?! And the appetizer that you can add for +500 yen is full of variety.

Curry and rice 880yen
With all-you-can-drink

It’s a kind of cute curry with cute pickles and vegetables on it]And there are many kinds of appetizers that you can add for +500 yen, so will you finish it?!It’s a combination that makes you full.

Power salad 1,000yen
With all-you-can-drink

It is a nutritious product with a variety of vegetables rich in volume and protein.I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in it♪…It’s a surprising amount, so I might not be able to finish it…Please enjoy it.

sandwich 670yen
all-you-can-drink for +150 yen

A hearty sandwich with healthy salad chicken and plenty of vegetables.

Roast pork sandwich 750yen
all-you-can-drink for +150 yen

Sandwich full of vegetables and filling roast pork!!I’ll be full♪


+280 yen for mini dessert +380 yen for all-you-can-drinks and mini desserts

sweet menu

sweet menu

Zuccot Cake A/B 980yen each

This cake uses plenty of seasonal fruits.You can enjoy using chestnuts and potatoes because we change the ingredients according to the four seasons!!It’s our best product!

Cheesecake A/B 400yen

Chef makes cheesecake that satisfies everyone♪

Nugar Glace500yen

Cool and gentle mouth melting and flavor] It’s a very delicious sweet♪Please try it for more information.

Ammochi Pie 450yen

It’s a chewy pie with bean paste in it.Recommended for tea time ‼︎

Seasonal Fruit Ammochi Pie A 550 yen / B 500 yen / C 500 yen

This is an ammochi pie with fruits♪The price is around the same as the fruit used, so please check with the staff♪

Gateau Chocolate 600yen

Moisturizing, soft and smooth] Delicious Gateau Chocolate.It will be offered in a larger size than I expected ♪ I recommend it.

Weekend Citron 500yen

What’s this name?! If you think…, please try it♪

Canelé 3 pieces270yen

Canelé just right for tea time.It tastes not too sweet and gentle!


You can add all-you-can-drink drinks to the set for +150 yen between 11:00 and 16:00.

dinner menu


salad Tax-included price
Caesar salad 800yen
Mentai potato salad 700yen
Power salad 900yen

meat dish

meat dish Tax-included price
Boiled chicken cream 1,200yen
Beef stew 1,800yen
Beef skirt steak 1,800yen
Roast beef 1,200yen
Roast pork 1,100yen

deep-fried food

deep-fried food Tax-included price
French fries 600yen
Onion Ring 700yen
Lotus root chip 600yen
Zeppolini 500yen
Camembert fried for 700yen
Meatball croquet 900yen
Fried wings 900yen


one-course meal

one-course meal Tax-included price
Carrot Lape 500yen
Olive (seasoned homemade) 500yen
Homemade pickles for 500yen
Grilled cabbage anchovy garlic 500yen
Tomatoes and mozzarella caprese 700yen
Raw ham 800yen
Salmon carpaccio 1,000yen
Fish Escabesh 900yen
Grilled sausage 700yen
Assorted cheeses 1,100yen
Garlic Toast 500yen
Edamame Peperoncino 500yen
Spanish omelet 600yen
Mixed nuts 500yen
Cartesone-style pie package 1,000yen
(Bacon & Mushrooms / Cherry Shrimp & Broccoli / Potato & Mini Tomatoes)
900yen each


pasta Tax-included price
Amatricana 1,000yen
Penne-Arabita 1000yen
Large Leaves and Mentai Cream 1,100yen
Cherry Shrimp and Mushroom Peperoncino 1,200yen
Macaroni Gratin 800yen


*Chef recommendations not listed on the menu are also available.